STADT, WAND, KUNST /// Amman (Jordanien)

Today, it is usually the more graffiti atypical destinations to leave a tempting home country and get on the plane. We already had urban temples and skyscrapers. Tagtrimmed roads are a nice thing, but it has almost become a home. Most frequent travelers probably have their favorite destinations that feel a little more like „away“ than others. For me it is clearly the Arab and Arabesque cities. Own smells, architecture, food, the vibe is just something that sometimes strikes me, but always captivates and delights. Together with the boys and girls from Stadt, Wand, Kunst, for whom we had already painted the HIGHEST CARB wall, I accepted the invitation of the Baladk Festival in Amman and entered Jordanian ground for the first time in my life. With about 4 million inhabitants you can imagine the dimensions. A huge hot metropolis that could be played by a handful of artists the next days. From the plane directly on the pallet truck to pull at better temperatures my firstlines at the late evening. It should be 3 floors. And in the next 24 hours until the Potrait looked mischievously smirking over Amman there was only positive feedback from young and old. They brought coffee, shook hands, took pictures, or honked out of the car smiling at the potrait. An atmosphere in which you quickly felt more like a friend than a guest. In addition to the façade as the centerpiece, a workshop was on the program as well, and one or the other ramble through the community …. Many thanks to the organizers, helpers and locals who helped make the visit to Jordan hopefully only the first.

Baladk Festival
Stadt, Wand, Kunst

Monatana Cans

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