YARD WORKS 2018 /// Glasgow (UK)

A few weeks ago I had the first time situation to have no time to look at home to exchange laundry and spend a night in their own bed between two festivals. For a lot of people today the standard, but jumping from one country to the next was for me the very first time. So my eyes saw after a week in Jordan full of sun and sand, now a few flying hours later a slightly rainy Scotland in lush green. Due to a little delay and waiting times at the airport I had to cancel the book review of Martha Cooper on the spot almost completely, but a great accommodation with a large shower and a large bed made up for it. So two great days were organized at the YARD WORKS festival. A really nice area to design, a lot of old acquaintances, and good conversation with new people. Contrary to the usual expectations, there was fabulous food, and despite the great interest and the associated masses grazing the grounds was always someone with an open ear when it was a small problem. The interest and appreciation for our culture is definitely very high in the UK, and the spirit that enriched the festival was not a watered-down pleasing, but pure and just as you could wish for as a child of the 80s / 90s. Thanks for everything and hopefully soon


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