GOETHESCHULE /// Rheinfelden (D)

The Goetheschule – a primary school located in Rheinfelden/South of Germany close to the Swiss border is a hallmark for well done integration in Germany. Kids from around 23 nations share classrooms and this seems to work quite well. One of the reasons why they love to go to school could be also their school principal`s passion for graffiti. Around 3 years ago she called us for painting a big mural at the schoolyard. So this year she called the third time to ask for another one. We got almost completely creative freedom in what we want to paint. The only instruction was that it should look like GRAFFITI and not like the classic commissioned works. So what more should we wish? We decided to cover the wall with lots of keywords with a deep meaning for everybody – especially for the kids (something like, FREEDOM, PEACE, TOLERANCE, FUN, READ….) and a big character. With this concept we were definitely on the right track for almost everybody there.

One really memorable situation happened when I came the next day to take photos of the wall: The windows of a classroom opened and around 30 kids screamed in a chorus “THAAAANK YOUUU!”. That was unbeatable.

P.S.: Hombre`s glasses were THE shit for some kids. Sooooo good.


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