If you started graffiti like we did in the 90s or even earlier, then of course workshops were not even theoretically conceivable. You had to look over the shoulder of the big ones and gradually acquire various tricks. Today, there are endless guides and courses, workshops and training. Of course, we are interested in sharing some of our wealth of experience and taking a new generation a step further, too. A few weeks ago 25 primary school students, just learned to write, had tocome together for a holiday start to let Uncle Boogie and Hombre show how to make cool graffiti writing out of normal letters. Before pressing both hands on a can firmly, the children got a crash course on Taki, Subway Paintings and the Sugarhill Gang. After everyone had thought of a cool name, the kids had to make their own sketches, which were  transfered with very little help and markers on the screens. The 5-8 year olds proudly worked on the details of their masterpieces cause these artworks were exhibited a few days later at Endress and Hausser, where all their parents work. The opening of the exhibition was a really great thing for each of them. So the next generation is ready to color the streets and we are happy to have helped a bit.


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